No farms, no beer.

The best and only way to get our beers is by stopping by the farm!
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In 2007 we founded Ocean State Hops, Rhode Island's first commercial hop farm, fueled by a passion to cram as many hops into each batch of beer as humanly possible and supply other brewers looking to quench their thirst for hops.  Over the years we have enjoyed supplying hops to local homebrewers and breweries alike.  Now we have expanded on this success and opened Tilted Barn Brewery, Rhode Island's first farm brewery.

Tilted Barn Brewery is run by Matt and Kara Richardson and is located in the historic barn on our farm in Exeter, Rhode Island, which has been in Kara's family for over 50 years.  Our mission is to expand upon the success of Ocean State Hops and provide local, hand-crafted beer that is brewed with ingredients grown right here on the farm.  

20160830_Tilted Barn Harvest Set-asoucy-69.JPG

The motivation behind Tilted Barn Brewery is to keep Kara's family tradition of farming alive while adding our own modern twist for craft beer and the art of brewing.  A trip to our farm brewery is beyond that of the normal brewery experience.  Visitors to the brewery can get a firsthand look at what goes into each batch of our hand-crafted beer.  You'll get to learn a little history of not only farming in our area but hop farming throughout all of New England (Matt could go on for hours about that...).  Walk through the fields and see, touch, and smell the ingredients that will go into their beer, then relax in a century-old barn while enjoying the fruits of our labor. We're hopeful that Tilted Barn Brewery will help to revive the hop farming and farm brewery tradition of New England that was lost long ago.