16 oz. of freedom

By now you've probably heard the rumblings and rumors that we have been working on canning our beer. It's the next logical step for us as a brewery; we love growlers but cans last longer, travel well, and will reduce lines at the brewery since they will be pre-packaged and ready to go. The time has finally come and beginning on Saturday this week we will be offering some of our beer in 16 oz. cans. Here are some details...

To make a long story short, we decided to purchase our own canning line rather than rely on a mobile canner. It offers us much more flexibility in both scheduling and also which styles of beer we will be able to offer. That being said, it's going to take us a little time to dial everything in and make sure we're comfortable. So, for the first couple of weeks we will likely have lower case counts and limits. Once we get everything squared away our case counts and limits will increase and so will the variety of beers offered in cans so please bare with us and be good to each other!

Aside from having cans, everything else will remain the same. We will still be offering tastings and full pours in the taproom; we'll still have food trucks on most days; and you'll still be stuck seeing all of the same faces behind the bar. We're extremely excited for this next chapter for TBB and hope you are as well. Thanks for all of your support - without it we wouldn't be here!

Matt and Kara

(updated - we are no longer offering growler fills)